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SUBJECT: Little boy stuns dentist with weird cavity treatment

ALT SUBJECT: Hate the dentist? Read this…

ALT SUBJECT: Can this “cavity-proof” your mouth?



When I was a kid I was terrified of going to the dentist.

Odds are, you were too.

So when I heard this little boy’s horror story it just about gave me nightmares.

  • You see, this young boy didn’t eat ANY sugar…
  • He didn’t come from a family with bad teeth or a long line of bad dental genetics…
  • He brushed regularly. He even flossed.

So when the dentist told his parents his mouth was stuffed FULL of cavities…

And that he would need a root canal on almost his entire top row of teeth…

They knew there was something else going on. So what did they do? Well…

Instead of painful root canals, expensive teeth extractions, and months of recovery….

They decided to do something “unconventional” to help their little boy.

Something a growing number of dentists now consider the future of dental care.

And it’s not just for kids, adults need to see this too!

It’s something I’ll be doing for myself and my own family right away.

And that’s why I urge you to watch this brand new 7-part documentary series from Dr. Pedram Shojai. It’s called GATEWAY TO HEALTH: Healing Secrets of the Oral Biome.

Dr. Pedram has brought together the nation’s top dental health experts for a never-before-seen ‘deep dive’ into the new frontier of oral health care.

As you’ll see, when we take care of our oral health… the rest of our body’s health can take care of itself.

Best part? This documentary series is completely free.

⇒ All you need to do is sign up here and then tune in on March 12.

In the meantime, you can watch this mini-preview.


SUBJECT: Can tooth bacteria cause heart attacks?

ALT SUBJECT: I had to Google this to see if it was true…

ALT SUBJECT: Avoid brushing your teeth?


[First name], I’m shocked…

My friend Dr. Pedram Shojai just sent me a clip of his controversial new documentary series.

At one point, I had to hit the pause button and Google what I’d just heard because I couldn’t believe it was true. Get this:

“If you have an unknown infection in your jaw – you are 

3 times as likely to have coronary heart disease 

Shocking, huh?

I mean… when I think about how many people I know with bad teeth (including members of my own family) it really begs the question…

Why aren’t we taking care of our teeth more seriously?

Well, once I watched the rest of the 8-part docuseries, I can confidently say I’ll never take the oral health of myself, or my family for granted again.

Not only was I shocked to learn the majority of ALL DISEASE begins in the mouth (including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, arthritis and even Alzhiemer’s)….

But, by the end I was armed with some pretty simple, low cost oral health strategies that could literally save the lives of my own family.

These are things I’ll be using in my own home and I suggest you do the same.

That’s why I encourage you to check out Dr. Pedram Shojai’s controversial new documentary series GATEWAY TO HEALTH: Healing Secrets of the Oral Biome.

>>Click to watch an exclusive mini-preview

In it, you’ll hear shocking truths like….

  • The newly discovered link between gum disease and type 2 diabetes. (episode 3)
  • Mercury, nickel, zinc, and lead are among the most toxic substances on earth. So why are we still using them to fix our teeth and what should your dentist be using instead? (episode 5)
  • When brushing your teeth can be BAD for your health. (episode 6)

Plus the unconventional, yet surprisingly simple oral health solutions, like…

  • The simple test you should take before undergoing any dental procedure. (episode 5)
  • 3 foods that can neutralize cavities before they begin. (episode 3)
  • The ultimate supplement combo for total tooth health and why it doesn’t include calcium! (episode 3)

It’s why I’m telling everyone with teeth that they need to watch it.

You can watch this 8-part documentary series free starting March 12 at 9pm EST.

All you have to do is sign up for free here as my personal guest and you’ll get to watch all the episodes absolutely F-REE.

Talk soon,


SUBJECT: Does Alzheimer’s start in… the mouth?

ALT SUBJECT: Can your dentist reverse Alzheimer’s?

ALT SUBJECT: Brush your teeth and stop Alzheimer’s dead in its tracks?

[FIRST NAME], the revelations just keep on coming in the documentary series everyone is talking about.

Amazingly, Alzhiemers, the biggest threat to our memories, brain health, and independence, may not actually start in the brain…

It sounds hard to believe, but doctors now think Alzhiemers starts in your mouth.

You see, scientists have recently found that the same bacteria that causes bleeding gums and gingivitis, has the ability to travel from your mouth into your brain. Yet…

That’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ‘bad guy bacteria’ lurking in your mouth and between your teeth. 

For instance, did you know…


  • More than 70% of all chronic inflammatory diseases begin as tiny bacteria in your mouth getting flushed into your bloodstream?


  • Or that “harmless” bleeding gums can lead to 3 times higher risk of heart disease?
  • And even type 2 diabetes, some forms of cancer, and arthritis can all be linked back to your mouth?

Neither did I, until I saw this stunning investigation from Dr. Pedram Shojai, creator of the bestselling Interconnected documentary series.

It turns out the source of ALL DISEASE may actually be in your mouth.

It makes sense when you think about it…

If our eyes are the windows, then the mouth is like the front door – the entry point for everything that can heal us, and hurt us.

This is why I think everyone with teeth needs to see this documentary series. It’s called GATEWAY TO HEALTH: Healing Secrets of the Oral Biome.

All 7 full-length episodes are completely free-to-view.

The only catch is you have to register ahead of time at this VIP link.

When you do, you’ll get notified when each episode is LIVE.

To your oral health,

Your Name

P.S. You’ll discover how simple changes to the health of your mouth, can completely change the health of your entire body.

Dr. Pedram Shojai has gathered together dozens of pre-eminent experts, patients, doctors, and researchers for a groundbreaking documentary series. 

We thought great health began in the gut. We were wrong.

It kicks off on March 12 at 9pm EST. Make sure you click here to register so you don’t miss any of the episodes.

SUBJECT: The #1 cause of a cavity (it’s NOT sugar)

ALT SUBJECT: Surprising truth about sugar and cavities

Believe it or not, sugar does not cause cavities. 

Turns out, an annoying mouth condition we all suffer from is the real culprit.

Want to know what it is and why? 

Then this 7-part series will change everything you “think” you know about your teeth, mouth and gums.

It’s called GATEWAY TO HEALTH: Healing Secrets of the Oral Biome and it was created by my friend Dr. Pedram Shojai.

He managed to convince dozens of the world’s top oral health doctors, dentists, and researchers to reveal the true cost of ignoring your dental health.

(You may be as shocked as I was to learn that tooth pain or bleeding gums can wreak havoc on the rest of the body, not just the mouth.)

The docuseries is absolutely FREE and you’ll learn the latest breakthroughs in dental health, straight from some of the world’s leading experts.

Mouth-related mysteries like:

 Why the #1 cause of a cavity is NOT sugar. (episode 1)...

The ultimate supplement combo for total tooth health and why it doesn’t include calcium! (episode 3)….

The dangerous mouth microbes now being linked to diabetes, cancer, and alzheimer’s disease (episode 4)…

The 3 foods that can neutralize cavities before they begin. (episode 3)

But that’s not all….

Dr. Pedram’s aim is not to merely “lecture” the public into taking better care of their teeth.

Instead, he along with a unique gathering of experts, dentists, doctors and thought leaders, wants to spread a very important message:

Our oral health reflects the health of our entire body.

From infectious diseases, chronic low energy, inflammation, even protection from alzhiemers…

It appears everything is tied to the health of your mouth, gums, teeth and saliva.

As you’ll discover, each episode is packed with simple, at-home strategies you can use to protect yourself without spending much money at all.

And since the entire docuseries is FREE, you’ve really got no reason to miss it.

>>Click here to register for the 8-part GATEWAY TO HEALTH: HEALING SECRETS OF THE ORAL BIOME and get your FREE preview.


SUBJECT: Highly controversial: The truth about tooth pain

ALT SUBJECT:  Too controversial for Netflix?

ALT SUBJECT: This should be playing in every Dentist’s office in the country


“Have you seen X on Netflix?!”

This has become the #1 icebreaker in social gatherings for the 21st century.

First, you see something on Netflix you think might be interesting…

And then suddenly everyone you know is talking about it, quoting it, and arguing over it.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to me with GATEWAY TO HEALTH: Healing Secrets of the Oral Biome from my good friend Dr. Pedram Shojai.

Not only is the production quality of each episode like something you’d see on Netflix…

With expert interviews… 

Stunning breakdowns of the “new wave” of dental care…

And incredible personal stories of dental disasters (and their solutions)…

But, the mind boggling facts in this series will have you talking dental health at your next night out.

Things like…

  • How the imbalances in your mouth microbes are now being linked to diabetes, cancer, and alzheimer’s disease
  • Just like smoking or drinking, bath mouth germs during pregnancy can be dangerous.
  • Why we’re right on the cusp of a golden age in oral health and the term “functional dental practitioner” is about to be common.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be pausing it mid-way through because you just won’t believe how serious poor dental health can be for your entire body.

As Dr. Shojai painfully points out in the very first episode “we desperately need to take oral health into the 21st century.”

Sadly, most of us are still using techniques and advice that’s not much different from the dental advice they used 150 years ago.

This documentary series will change all of that.

It’s about a complete, holistic approach to mouth care – one that treats the mouth for what it is, the doorway to the entire body.

Click here to register for it now so you won’t miss it when it’s released.


P.S. Just like on Netflix, there’s a free “sneak peek” of GATEWAY TO HEALTH: Healing Secrets of the Oral Biome available for you to watch right now.

Simply click here to register for it for FREE and you can watch the short teaser clip.

Subject: bad breath

Did our ancient ancestors know the truth about toxic teeth?

They instinctively knew that bad breath and foul teeth meant somebody was sick, unwell and decay was taking over their body. It was a clear warning sign this person would not make a good mate.

Amazingly, the latest science is catching up with what we already knew centuries ago–that the state of our teeth, gums and saliva REFLECTS the rest of our body’s health. Fortunately, by doing one thing each morning we can rejuvenate our oral health and trigger beneficial health upgrades all over our body. Find out how in…

⇒ Weird new health documentary — free to watch for a limited time

Talk soon,

Your Name

Subject: mouth bugs

Subject: got teeth? You need to see this…

Did you know there are trillions of little bugs, parasites and viruses (some friendly, some not so friendly) scurrying around on your mouth, teeth and gums? It’s true. And the latest science is revealing how we can manipulate these mouth microbes to help reverse disease.

If you know somebody with a particular ailment, be it heart problems, diabetes or Alzheimer’s… you’ll be amazed at how what’s going on in our mouths can help them fight back.

Meet the mouth microbes that fight disease naturally

Your Name

Subject: the buzz of the drill

Subject: Dentist horror story: “I could smell burnt flesh…:”

Julie took a deep breath and braced herself.

The drill buzzed as Dr. Ogilvy leant uncomfortably close to her face.

And then it happened… 

Pain. White hot searing pain.

Julie’s eyes widened. She gripped the arms of the dentist chair.

“Stop!” Her plea drowned out by the noise of the drill. Tears filled her eyes.

The room filled with the smell of burnt flesh and blood… Julie’s blood.

It may sound like a horror movie but Julie’s story is very real.

Every year countless numbers of people sit in the dentist’s chair unaware of the anguish they are about to experience.

And the only reason I’m sharing this nightmare with you…

Is because campfire stories like these are now a thing of the past. In fact…

ANY type of pain or discomfort in the dentist chair will soon be like a mere horror story from history.


Because of an extraordinary new set of discoveries my friend Pedram Shojai is sharing for FREE right now.

It turns out, we all have trillions of mouth microbes stuck to our teeth, gums and saliva.

And these little critters are THE KEY to upgrading our health and reversing disease.

Find out more in the f-ree documentary series Gateway To Health. Watch NOW for a limited time.

Your Name

Subject: Do you brush your teeth? This is a MUST SEE

Subject: Brush your teeth each day? You’re doing it wrong!

Ok real quick…

If you want blessed relief from nagging health problems with zero prescription drugs or side effects…

Dr. Pedram Shojai is going to show you how something as simple as changing the way you brush your teeth can do just that.

The 7 part documentary series, Gateway To Health, is the most comprehensive study into the oral biome (your mouth, teeth, gums and saliva) that’s ever been undertaken.

It all starts on March 12th, and you can watch it all for free

Watch the trailer and you’ll be stunned at this ‘new frontier’ of whole-body health care. Until now, we thought all healing began in the gut microbiome. We were wrong!

All the details are here. Don’t miss out. 

Each episode is live for 24 hours ONLY, so jump on this now or you may kick yourself later.

It’s time to meet your mouth microbes

Dr. Pedram Shojai