Looking for a Good Functional Dentist?

Since the first hour we began airing the Gateway to Health Docuseries, we’ve had thousands of emails asking us about how to find a good dentist. We’ve heard lots of horror stories from people about their “drill and fill” dentists who don’t seem to care.

It’s hard.

There aren’t enough qualified docs out there who understand the new science yet but there are more and more coming each day. I’ve tasked my team with the job of finding the best docs out there and building a database that can help find you the closest one to you.

Please fill out your information in the box below, and we’ll match you with a good functional dentist in your area. Full disclosure- it may be a bit of a drive but we’re working hard to identify the best ones and also get thousands of them trained in the new protocols.

Please Fill Out Your Info Here and We’ll Match You to a Dentist